Mid South Open Nov 26-27 2016

From the Memphis Chess Club website: (here)

5ss, G120, d/5. Site: Hyatt Place Memphis – Wolfchase Galleria – 7905 Giacosa Place Memphis, Tennessee, USA, 38133.Tel: +1 901 371 0010 (ask for chess hotel rates);  Note Format Change:  Three Sections: Open, U1700, U1200.  This event is USCF Regular rated.
$1700 Prizes are based on 35 entries.
Open $400, 250, 150
U1700 $250, 150, 100
U1200 $200, 125, 75.
EF: $50 early by Nov 15, $60 late. MCC Members $50 anytime; Rds 9-2-7; 9-2. Onsite Registration Nov 26: 7:30am-8:45am.  Send mail entries to: MCC, P.O. Box 17864, Memphis,TN 38187.  Use PayPal button to join online.  Note: Entry Fee will go up to $60 after Nov. 15.  MCC members who pay $60 per PayPal will receive a $10 rebate during registration on Saturday.
This tournament will be very good practice for the upcoming Nationals event in December. Please participate if you have the weekend available.

Mike Barton Memorial — September 17th, 2016

Memphis Chess Club

Hyatt Place Memphis, Wolfchase Galleria
7905 Giacosa Place, Memphis, TN 38133

Tournament Structure:
5ss G60 d/5 (Five rounds, game in 60 minutes with five second delay)

Link to event page: http://www.memphischess.com/Mike-Barton-6.html