This year we are going to be using to try to make the learning process much easier. They have material from beginner to competitive, so the service will be useful for anyone who wants to use it.

Videos: New players can watch videos of teachers explaining how the pieces move, how the basic checkmates work, and how to begin a game of chess with a plan. Experienced players can learn some material on openings which are giving them problems or learn new ideas to play complicated positions.

Lessons: Even better are the automatic lessons against the computer. These range from beginner (how to checkmate) to advanced (dealing with certain positions). The lessons play like quizzes, with correct answers and hints given for players who are struggling.

Workouts: Just like math, certain parts of chess are about memory and repetition. All of the strategy in the world won’t win a game if you can’t deliver the basic checkmates, and the “workout” function on ChessKid allows players to play specific positions against a computer player. No longer will they need to wait to find other people who can play chess to practice the King and Queen checkmate.

Puzzles: Kids love puzzles. They have clear answers and the increasing rating and difficulty give them an obvious sign of improvement. The puzzles are pulled from real games and the difficulty goes up and down as the child gets problems correct or incorrect.

Games: They can also play games against other kids online in a safe environment. Strangers cannot send messages to each other on ChessKid, while classmates who know each other in real life can chat about their game. All messages are kept forever so you can monitor your child’s activity online!

If there are any questions about this, please email with any concerns. I will be happy to give personalized advice on how to get the most of your child’s enjoyment of chess.

If you are interested in signing your child up into our program on ChessKid, feel free to send an email. We get gold memberships at reduced cost, and there are advantages to being a part of a larger program of other students.